Saturday, April 23, 2011

Foggy Moring on the Racine Beach

Most of the time when I'm at a regatta, air-show, or some other event, my primary focus is on action. Sometimes, there are more serene opportunities. Almost all the time they end up "on the cutting room floor" since most people are interested in the "action". Because I often post an album of proofs with nearly every shot from an event, sometimes someone picks one out.

This is one of those shots.

It was taken at the 2010 Racine Catamaran Championship Regatta in the morning of the first day of the regatta. Little did we know that the fog would be an almost constant companion for the entire week (and prevent sailing on a number of days), but at the time it looked like a pretty shot. One of the competitors noticed it in the proofs album and asked for a copy to use in a calendar for his family, so I worked it up for him. Normally I'm trying to make my photos "pop" with color and sharpness, but in this case I had to spend some time toning things down to preserve the foggy look.

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